Winter is coming

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  • Material: 100% Cotton


Size Differences 1-3cm

Size XXS Ear Distance 8-10cm(3.1-3.9inch) Head Girth 19-27cm (7.5-9.4inch)  Scarf Length 46cm (18.1inch)

Scarf Width 5.0cm (2.0 inch)  References Weight 0.5-1.5kg

Size  XS Ear Distance 9-11cm(3.5-4.3inch) Head Girth 21-26cm (8.3-10.2inch)  Scarf Length 50cm (19.6inch)

Scarf Width 5.0cm (2.0 inch)  References Weight 1-2.0kg

Size   S Ear Distance 10-12cm(3.9-4.7inch) Head Girth 23-28cm (9.1-11inch)  Scarf Length 54cm (21.2inch)

Scarf Width 5.0cm (2.0 inch)  References Weight 1.5-3.0kg

Size   M Ear Distance 11-13cm(4.3-5.1inch) Head Girth 24-29cm (9.4-11.4inch)  Scarf Length 58cm (22.8inch)

Scarf Width 5.0cm (2.0 inch) References Weight 2.0-4.5kg

Size  L Ear Distance 12-15cm(4,7-5.9inch) Head Girth 26-32cm (10.2-12.6inch)  Scarf Length 62cm (24.4inch)

Scarf Width 5.0cm (2.0 inch) References Weight 4.0-7.0kg


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