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  • Feature: Reflective
  • Color: 7 colors

Description: This pet leash is thicker than 1.2cm in diameter and is suitable for large dogs such as Golden Retriever Husky Alaska. The traction rope is a nylon rope body with a certain stretchability. The pet is not hard and has a nighttime reflective function. The handle is made of EVA foam sponge and the handle is comfortable. The hook is made of zinc alloy sprayed with black paint to prevent rust. We have 1.5m and 2m sizes and can choose the right dog leash according to the length of your dog.

Features: Rope reflective at night

Material: nylon

Rope diameter: 1.2 cm

Max length: 150cm; 200cm; 300cm (Length contains hooks and handshake.Because the rope has a certain degree of flexibility, the measurement length ± 10cm is normal.)

Weight: about 210g


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