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A nail clipper specially designed for pets, pampering pets from the details

Name: LED pet nail clipper
Features: Use LED lights to find the bloodline of pets to avoid hurting pets
Material: The handle part is made of ABS plastic, and the blade part is stainless steel
Color: Orange Gray

1. Two lighting modes
The product has two lights
The mode is the long light
Lights and lights when the handle is pressed
2. Wavy handle
Wavy grip fits the hand
Use more smoothly, not easy to slip
3. Five times magnifying glass
The sides of the blade cover are
Five times magnifying glass, cooperate
LED lights can see the paws
Details; cut with confidence

The use process of pet nail clippers:
1. The nail is perpendicular to the nail clipper
2. After confirming the position of the blood line with the light, keep the distance and cut it quickly (cutting quickly, this is important)


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