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  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash

Product Description:

Item Type:Pet Blanket


Color: Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Leather Pink, Biege, Brown


Target Audience:Dogs

Dog Size:Small,Medium,Large

Size S: 56*36cm

Size M: 78*54cm

Size L: 100*75cm

SizeXL: 120*80cm


1. Made of the really soft velvet material, it can improve the sleeping quality of your pets.

2. Machine wash/hand wash is available, easy to clean and dry.

3. It can be used in summer and winter. In winter as a blanket to keep pets warm, and put pillows on the floor so that your dog will not lie directly on the floor to suffer the heat in summer.

4. The double layer blanket is durable and wear-resistant, having a long service life.

5. There are 6 different colors, and each one is beautiful and cute.


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